Parish ET Initiative
Questions and Answers


Click here to get a printable ET Form.  

Q:                Tell me again, what is ET?
A: ET stands for Electronic Transfer, a direct contribution program for making your regular donation to the Parish.

Q:            What does it cost me to join?
A:            There is no cost to you.

Q:            What do I have to do?
A: Sign the authorization form and return it during the offertory in an envelope....please include a copy of your deposit slip, or your voided personal check.  Or, mail or return the completed form to the Parish Office.

Q:            When does the amount of money I pledge come out of my account?
A:            You choose the amount and the timing - weekly, bimonthly, monthly or quarterly.

             o Weekly contributions are made every Tuesday.
            o Bi-monthly, on the lst and 15th of the month.
            o Monthly, either the lst or the 15th, your choice.
            o Ouarterly, you specify which four months.

Q:  What happens if I want to change my contribution or my bank?
A: Just give the Parish Office a written notice of the change.    About 10 days advance notice is
   needed in most cases.  The Parish will make the changes you request.

Q:  Does this work with everybody's bank, everywhere?
A: Yes.  The authorization form asks you to identify your bank and your individual bank account number.

Q: When?  Does the Parish have a target date for starting?
A: The system is up and running now.  We are ready when you are.

Q: Will I still receive church envelopes?
A: You will receive a bi-monthly packet of envelopes for Holy Days, Christmas, Easter, Catholic Messenger,  Diocesan collections, and a monthly gift envelope, but no weekly envelopes.

Q:  How does this benefit the parish?
A: Regardless of the weather, home or away, your regular contributions arrive on time at the

 o ET uses fewer envelopes, this lowers printing costs.

Q:  Besides the Parish, does ET benefit me in any way?
A:  o Fewer checks to write, it's the automatic way.
             o Fewer checks to buy.
             o Peace of mind, and more time for you.

Click here to get a printable ET Form.  


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