Our New Church


Some Facts About Our Church

Our Architect-
The design of our new church was in the capable hands of RDG Planning and Design. Although the talents of many architects, engineers and designers have been utilized in the design, the overall responsibility has rested with our architect, Randall L. Milbrath, AIA.
Randy is a graduate of Iowa State University, with a BA in Architecture and a Bachelor of Architecture. He has been involved in the design of more than 25 churches, many of which were Catholic churches.

Our Liturgical Consultant-
Brother William Woeger has consulted on numerous RDG worship designs. He has over 20 years experience as a consulting liturgist and is nationally known as a consultant and speaker on liturgical art and design. With degrees in Spirituality , Art and Theology, Bother William brings a well rounded background to every project on which he consults.

Our General Contractor-
Estes Construction was our general contractor. They have been responsible for many successful projects in the Clinton area. Estes has excellent Cost and Quality Control programs as part of their service. They hired and checked the work of all sub contractors.

Architectural Style-
The style of architecture we chose is best described as the Craftsman Style. This style uses native materials or materials from "close to home". The split face block appearing as stone and the fiber-cement siding would be considered typical Craftsman materials. The use of wood in the interior is also a Craftsman trait. The interior decor is considered to be in the Eastlake Victorian style. Both Craftsman and Eastlake Victorian styles were prevalent when our five original churches were built. The Crafstman style is more popularly known as the Arts and Crafts style.

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