Jesus Christ Prince of Peace Catholic Parish, Clinton ,Iowa will soon be a household word in Sapillica, Peru. And Sapillica's newly organized Catholic parish- La Virgen Pura y Limpia- Virgin Most Pure- will be more than a name in Clinton: it will be family.

   Prince of Peace, which this summer celebrates the 17th anniversary of its founding , has undertaken a "twinning parish" project with the Sapillica parish that is presently being established in the Andes Mountains of northern Peru.
     The idea of twinning has been talked about within Prince of Peace for many months. In June, the bishop of Chulucanas, Peru, Most Rev. Daniel Turley OSA, visited Clinton and met with parishioners and staff to talk about making the dream a reality.
      Bishop Turley is only the second bishop to serve the diocese of Chulucanas, which was founded forty years ago. An Augustinian priest from Olympia Fields, Ill., Bishop Turley's diocese comprises 18 parishes serving 1,300 towns spread over 9,000 square kilometers. Each parish has
20,000 to 30,000 parishioners, most of whom are able to attend Mass only once every one or two months.



year due to the scarcity of priests and the great distance people must travel by foot or mule to reach a church.
     But the laity gather for weekly in their own villages to celebrate a community liturgy, Bishop Turley told his Clinton audience, noting that 85 percent of Peruvians are Catholic.


Deacon Ray Hilgendorf, parishioner Mary Jo Lennon, Bishop Dan Turley and Rev. Anthony Herold, pastor of Jesus Christ Prince of Peace Paris, Clinton, met with interested parishioners in June to discuss "twinning" with a new parish in Peru.

TOP PHOTOS: Children from the Chulucanas Diocese enjoy a healthy lunch at their comedor, a "soup kitchen" the women of the parishes have set up near school sites with donated funds and volunteer help
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